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We’ve always had big dreams, but we also had an inkling that traditional funding wouldn’t let us have the creative freedom to do things our way. For example, we ended up using most of our Kickstarter money to buy a boxtruck, turn it into a neon studio-apartment, drive it around the country and throw free grilled cheese parties for strangers. I’m not sure how a traditional investment situation would have responded to that, but we have some educated guesses.
Lauren Krakauskas, Freaker USA (via kickstarter)


Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of art and art-related activities going on in the world? We’re here to help! Here are some ideas for how to learn about what’s going on in the world of contemporary art. 

I’m also pleased to announce The Art Assignment Book Club! The first read will be Dave Hickey’s Air Guitar: Essays on Art & Democracy. Try to read it by August 1, and we’ll discuss it in a video soon after. 

If you missed it, here’s my list of online art resources

If you don’t want to buy Air Guitar or borrow it from your library, you can find a link to the titular essay here, and and another essay, “Romancing the Looky-Loos,” here. You can also read an interview with Hickey in The Believer

i want to write sentences about you,
that will leave you out of breath
and broken.

i want to smother you in letters,
like e’s and r’s and maybe
i’ll even be able to squeeze in
a z or two.

i want to carry you
out of the graveyard,
in a bundle of newspapers
with your name plastered over them.
that’s fame, baby.

E keeps telling me
that if i don’t get help,
i’ll turn up like you.
but that’s just the thing,
i want to be exactly like you.
‘cause no matter how drunk we get,
we’ll never lose our minds, completely.

blow out the candles sweetie,
i want to tell you how beautiful you are
‘cause it’s your birthday.
but mainly,
because i love you.

though you won’t always be a young soul,
you’ll stay perfect, for heaven, and hell.

Happy birthday Raquel, it’s going to be okay babe. (via sheerly-lovative)
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